Muchea is a suburb of the Shire of Chittering. Its postcode is 6501. The town’s name comes from the Aboriginal word “Muchela” which means in Nyoongar ‘water hole’, referring to the abundance of water in Muchea.

The area was first surveyed as farmland in 1845 as part of a property to be owned by George Moore. The opening of a railway siding in the area between 1892 and 1898 caused permanent structures to be built and by 1903 farm lots were surveyed close to the siding. The townsite was later gazetted in 1904.

In 1960, the Muchea Tracking Station was established about 4 kilometers (2 mi) SSW outside of town as part of NASA’s Mercury project. In 1962, the first Australian to speak with a space traveller did so from the Muchea facility. The station was closed in 1964.

Today you can visit the Muchea Store (est 1919) which is the site of a historic “Old Well’ which dates back to the early settlers and is still working today. Read some of the Muchea’s Store history.

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