Djidi-Djidi Ridge

Djidi-Djidi Ridge Trail

(Formerly known as Blackboy Ridge Reserve) Djidi-Djidi Ridge is named after the Noongar word for Willy Wagtail, a much loved native Australian bird that can be found in the Chittering region.

The hidden walk trail on this reserve is seasonally abundant in wildflowers, wattles, parrotbush & orchids.

It boasts fantastic views across the valley from the lookout at the top of the trail.

Apart from the formed walk trail there are also two firebreaks that can be traversed, with care. The firebreak to the west of the picnic area is relatively flat until reaching a steep hill.

It offers a wonderful wildflower viewing opportunity for those not inclined to tackle the steps of the traditional walk trail.

Visitor Safety

Please stay on the track and remember that you are in a natural area, your safety is our concern but ultimately is your responsibility. Make sure you have suitable footwear, a hat, sunscreen and water.

Caring for the Trail

Do not feed the native animals as it interferes with their ability to hunt. Taking flora and fauna is prohibited but please do take your rubbish.
Cleaning shoes/tyres to help prevent dieback spread would be appreciated.

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